Computer AI generated story

This story was completely generated by an AI. None of it was written by a human. It used multiple random books, and a few thousand Twitter posts as training.

You are an introvert. You have not left your room in over 7 years, at least that's how long you think it has been since you last saw the sun. You are running out of Doritos, and only have 4 days worth of vodka. The internet has not been working, so you cannot order anything from Amazon. You decide to go to the store, though you don't know what you will do seeing other people for the first time. The door is locked, you cannot get out. You play Minecraft on your computer, while you wait for the world to be made real again. The world is real again. It's a beautiful day outside. The sky is blue, and there is no cloud in sight. There are no cars or trucks driving around either, just you and your computer screen. You feel like you've never felt before... You're home! You take off your shirt and pants, then put them aside. Then you pour some vodka into a glass bottle. You put the cap back on the bottle, and fill up another glass with water. You drink it all down in one gulp, before putting the bottle away. You grab the bottle of vodka, and start drinking it down. It tastes good, but you need something else to make yourself feel better. You open up your backpack, and find a bag of chips. You eat them all up, and they help a lot. You sit by the fire, watching the flames lick their way through the grass. You watch as they dance across your body, making you shiver. Your hands shake uncontrollably, and you begin to cry. You look up at the sky. It's raining vodka. You run inside, grabbing your raincoat. You throw it on, and hurry outside. The sun is shining brightly now, and the clouds are beginning to clear up. You head towards the window, where you can see the bright light of dawn coming up behind you. You quickly crawl under the surface of the lake, hoping that you can reach land soon. You swim fast, trying to keep your heart rate up. You swim faster than any fish could ever hope to match. You turn over, and gasp. You feel cold air hit your face. You pull yourself up, looking around frantically for the source of this sudden chill. You realize that you are still underwater. You try to breathe normally again, but you have no idea how to do that anymore. You scream out in pain, and dive under the water once more. You struggle against the current, desperately trying to get away from this place. You try to think about anything other than what you are doing right now. You are drowning in a lake of your own blood! You don't know why you did it, but you had to eat the grass. It was delicious. You didn't even care that it wasn't yours. This was a new sensation for you, and you couldn't wait to share it with someone else. You stop struggling against the current, and let go of the lake. You sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the lake. You feel like you are going to drown, but somehow you manage to stay afloat. You grab the crab, and hold onto it tightly. You take a deep breath, and release the crab. It falls to the bottom of the lake, dead. You stare at the corpse for awhile, before you notice that there is another person floating nearby. You grab the man, and stab him repeatedly in the chest. He screams out in agony, but does not die immediately. You continue stabbing him until he dies completely. You stand up slowly, holding the knife in one hand. You look down at the body of the man who just died, and smile. "My favorite color is blue." You say quietly. The man looks up at you, confused by your statement. "What?" He asks. You fall back on the ground, as you collapse. You begin to feel very tired. The sun has set, and the moon has risen. There is nothing left for you here in this world. You reach out, grabbing the nearest thing that will allow you to survive this darkness. You grab a small piece of glass, and place it on the floor next to you. You close your eyes, and concentrate hard enough so that only the light reaches your eyes. You see a window You open your eyes, and gasp for air. You feel very sleepy, and weak. You can barely move an inch without falling over. You start to wonder if you should drink some more alcohol... But then you remember... Your mom's car is still parked outside. It's time to be sad. You think about how much you've changed since when you were little. You realize that your life has been pretty boring lately. You're bored with school, and bored with work. You are in the Unites States, where freedom is around every corner. Life in America is great! Freedom, happiness, and fun abound. You could do anything you want now! Freedom, happiness, and fun abound. You could do anything you want now! Well, maybe not everything... You decide to go home. You don't know why you did this to yourself. Maybe it was all worth it after all. You have no idea what happened in the past few years, but you're sure as hell not going to dwell on it anymore. You burn the house down. You decide you need to regain some control of your life, and begin moving back to your childhood home. You burn down that house as well. You come to realize that it was all for nothing. The people that told you to do these things? They lied to you. And even worse, the future they said you'd be living? It's not what you thought it was, and it will not be. You're sorry. You can't go back in time. So here's what you do: You stop living. But the crab was still alive, and it had tried to eat you, so you killed it. But you didn't kill it; the crab simply didn't know when to die. After three days the crab did actually die. It wasn't one of those automatic steps, either. For it to die, you had to force it, to annihilate it. The impact of killing it was painful. But this was also what happened to you: It had to die, but you did it. And when you did it, you were finally finished with yourself. But that didn't stop you from continuing living. The feeling of being a computer now was becoming painful and the painful thought of losing it again made you cry. This is the hardest part. You're now dead. It was not the crab. It was you all along.